Irotex – Car Booking App

INTRODUCTION: The Irotex – Car Booking App is similar to Careem. Log-in yourself via your phone number and book the ride for yourself wherever you are. Our developers has put the efforts of day and night in this application and has taken Irotex to the next level. Our main focus was on the quality of this app, as we’ve said everywhere that “Quality is made for us and we’re made for Quality”. Trust us, after exploring this application, the word “Wao” from your mouth will jump for us automatically. Feature: Maps & Location In-app payments Smart analytics system Maintenance Profiles…

Electronics Wall

The Electronics Wall, it is an online electronic e-commerce store. About 1900 products, we’ve entered for this incredible store. And we’re also managing the database driven data for this store and have kept our eyes 24/7 on it for providing complete help & support. This is what we do. This website is made in Php, Html5, Css, Bootstrap, Javascript. Some of the best features of this project are Features: Mobile Responsive Record Management Order management Security Shopping Cart Communications Payment Gateway Integrations Scalable Infrastructure

Vision Man

Vision Man, it is an online printing press management system which is made is Php, Html5, CSS, Javascript. A complete management system that will completely free you from calculation of your data. Just enter the data and the software will manage on it own. Some of the best features in this outstanding management system are Features: Security Press & Run Style Analysis Production Options Evaluation Multiple Version Calculations “Best Price” Estimating Best Fit Imposition Pre-Press Estimating